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NOTE: This website generally used for development, and is not designed for browsing. The projects listed below are only those projects which 1) are acceptable for display outside of the Olin community and 2) have already been placed on the web as a part of the project.

Presentable Works

3D Rendering in Python - A self designed project by Jeffrey DeCew to build a rendering engine from the ground up.
Genetic Algorithms and Cellular Automata - A Discrete Math final project by Matthew Aasted, Jeffrey DeCew, and Anthony Roldan
PHP Diplomacy - An online board game application written by Jeff DeCew
Knex Calculator - Read about a 4-Bit Adder/Subtractor (and more) we built entirely out of K'NEX.

Unpresentable Works

ESP Calendar - An organizational application written by Jeffrey DeCew (Admin-centered application; Can't be displayed)
Remote controlled Glider - Jeffrey DeCew's sad attempt at Mechanical Design
Principles of Engineering - A class project summary written by Jon Cass

Hosted Utilities

Aigaion - Do you use LaTeX? Try this BibTeX organizer!

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