Q: Why is yours so much better than all the ones in the design challenge?
A: Because we spent more than 3 days on it.

Q: What materials is it made of?
A: We thought we'd bought aluminum, but it gives Katie rashes, so it must in fact be nickel.

Q: Can I really control it from California?
A: Yes, if you have internet access.

Q: Are there laser beams attached to its head?
A: Not yet, maybe in the next version.

Q: Will it fly?
A: It won't get to 32,000 feet, but it hovers far enough off the ground to overcome friction and move a little.

Q: Why is there so much duct tape?

A: Because we are engineers.

Q: Can I have one?
A: No.

Q: What's the passenger's name?
A: Meet Augustine:

Q: What would you have done with more time?
A: It would have been cool to get it battery-powered so it wouldn't be tethered to the wall.